Syrians in Istanbul

Syrians in Istanbul

Sitting in an Istanbul café, nervously smoking, recently arrived from Syria without papers a Syrian soldier defected from the Syrian army tells us his story, one of a series of portraits of Syrians living in Istanbul.
Listen to his story and others on BBC Radio 4 iPM show
Saturday morning at 5.45am UK time 7.45 in Turkey

12 thoughts on “Syrians in Istanbul

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      1. nonawang

        great! I will try to find it ;D thank you. By the way, I have visited your site, they are really gorgeous photos!

  2. nonawang

    Hey, I have listened the radio program, thank you very much for sharing. We always forget how lucky we actually are, comparing with the people who are suffering from violence and wars.

  3. nonawang

    Last month two friends and I booked the flight to Istanbul for Christmas holidays. It is always nice to experience different culture and people. How exciting!

      1. nonawang

        hi, I am in Istanbul now 😀 the weather today was so nice, I and my friends have just made a long long random walk and also tried many delicious turkey foods. Tomorrow we will probably visit Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed Mosque. I find the language is a small problem, because my english is not very good but most of turkish people don’t speak english at all. 😀 how are you doing?

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