Photographers and Social Media

Photographers and Social Media

In the interest of a little blog interaction I would love for those of you photographers reading this to tell me your thoughts on how you are using social media and for what direct purpose.
I like most have a Facebook account, Twitter and a LinkedIn profile, I use them all alongside my website and blog but in slightly different ways, now with an Istagram and Tumblr page on the way I am wondering about cross posting; the advantages and disadvantages of each, I have been told the Google + as well is great for SEO but do I really need that as well as the others, or, perhaps can be they all be utilized for different purposes?
Needless to say as a professional photographer they are all about raising my profile and getting my work noticed, the type of work I do and am interested in promoting varies so for this reason I think perhaps using the different platforms for the different genres of work, something I am particularly interested in doing is increasing my print sales, something I have not been able to do online but was very successful at doing from my gallery in Damascus.
I would be very grateful for any advice and please do feel free to add links to your various social media pages.

11 thoughts on “Photographers and Social Media

  1. martin

    John, I use Facebook and LinkedIn but as I’m not a professional photographer (at least only on my spare time…) I use LinkedIn only for my “real” work, and FB only for private use. I don’t do Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Google+. I cross post my pictures to Flickr, but without the words I use in my blog. As many I detest the image rights terms FB are using so there I only post dozen pictures anyone could have taken, but professionally sometimes I post a wedding/family/baby shot for promotion/sharing. I don’t have a photographer-FB-account, I have my “private” blog and we have our professional website. I assume in all too little to really generate loads of traffic to our website…

  2. Hi John,

    Like Martin I’m not a pro but I see myself as a photographer. This is a great topic. I use fb to post links to my blog and I set up a public page for the blog but I’ve not pushed it hard enough. So that hasn’t really taken off.

    I tweet posts and get a tiny bit of traffic. I gather google+ is good for finding other photographers but I’m not sure that is what you want.

    From a friend who specialises in SEO optimisation I gather its as much about labelling your work to be found in search engines as it is about being seen everywhere. And he said that its also important to get your blog linked by other sites. So that means approaching them to host links.

    What I think is important is to find a specific audience for what you want. For example, I’ve had an amazing increase in traffic to the blog after the 2 skateboard posts (one of which you liked) by linking my blog to their campaign page.

    Are you looking to sell privately? Otherwise, as I’m sure you know that there are sites where freelance photojournalists sell their work which I discovered this weekend by searching for images. But they cost money.

    I look forward to following this thread with interest.

  3. Hello John,
    I’m not a photographer but I love taking photos. I’ve been trying different social media options. I’m becoming most interested in Tumblr and Pinterest. Tumblr is where I have my favorite black & white pictures, It’s sort of a b&w gallery. Pinterest keeps everything I like organized by themes/topics and it serves as an inspiration board. I’m creating a Facebook page, we’ll see how it goes. About Google+ and Twitter, the post are automatically shared in these social networks, but I haven’t seen them driving traffic.

  4. Hello John,

    well, I usually post on Twitter and Google+. On Facebook I only have a fan page for this blog – my “real” profile is more private. (Though I a lot of photographers already slipped in there…)
    Most actively I use Twitter – also to post some other pictures and blogposts that I like.
    Sometimes I also post something to Pinterest – but I use it more occasionally. Somehow I notice you don’t get so much feedback there.
    But basically I think it is a good way to lead people who are not blogging to your posts – though it is also a lot of work if you want to do it right – and therefore, I mainly just post pictures and things.

    I also have a Tumblr blog where I only post pictures taken with and edited on my mobile phone – so it is something completely different.

    LinkedIn I only use for my main job – and it is not connected to my photographic works.

    To conclude – I think it can really help to create awareness via Social Media but if you want it to be really successful you need to spend a lot of time on it.
    But just being present helps at least a little.


    1. Thank you Rabirius and thank you for following and re tweeting-
      You do indeed need to spend lots of time building followers on all platforms, knowing where to draw the line, since this post I have added Instagram and a new Facebook page and am working on Tumblr and possibly Google Plus but really its a lot of effort although I do have different strands to my work so its nice to spread it around a little
      Follow Rabirius on Twitter @mockART
      And check out some of his awesome art here

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