Photographers and Social Media

Photographers and Social Media

In the interest of a little blog interaction I would love for those of you photographers reading this to tell me your thoughts on how you are using social media and for what direct purpose.
I like most have a Facebook account, Twitter and a LinkedIn profile, I use them all alongside my website and blog but in slightly different ways, now with an Istagram and Tumblr page on the way I am wondering about cross posting; the advantages and disadvantages of each, I have been told the Google + as well is great for SEO but do I really need that as well as the others, or, perhaps can be they all be utilized for different purposes?
Needless to say as a professional photographer they are all about raising my profile and getting my work noticed, the type of work I do and am interested in promoting varies so for this reason I think perhaps using the different platforms for the different genres of work, something I am particularly interested in doing is increasing my print sales, something I have not been able to do online but was very successful at doing from my gallery in Damascus.
I would be very grateful for any advice and please do feel free to add links to your various social media pages.