Syrian Women

Syrian Women

For Women everywhere but especially Syrian:
Strong, Courageous and Dignified

@ Photograph By John Wreford


17 thoughts on “Syrian Women

  1. This is wonderful! You are in a line of work which I am very interested in. I’m a fan of photography, and of journalism as well. Perhaps you have this elsewhere on your blog, but I’d prefer to just ask you directly; What motivates you? Can I access more of these ‘Syrian Women’ photographs somewhere?

  2. Marlobo

    The image obviously has technical merit, though I don’t know mucho about it.
    What I know is that this shot is soulful. In my book,,it’s better than the technical excellence.
    Very well done!

  3. That’s a great photo, I have not knowingly seen any Syrian Women yet, but I am starting too meet Syrians on my way, great people, REALLY great people, I’ve heard the place is just beautiful for cycling, maybe that time will come again soon…. But for now I am learning what may have been one of the reasons you chose Syria, great people!!!

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