Middle East Print Sale

Photographs really should be printed and hung on walls; I say this as someone who loves photography not as a photographer.

As I work towards launching a new website dedicated to print sales I am offering a generous discount to raise the necessary funds, buying a print will go a long way to supporting my work as well as the opportunity to own a beautifully crafted image.

The prints are made at a London lab that pride themselves in producing the highest quality Giclee prints using the latest Epson professional Ultrachrome inks on beautiful archival rag paper.

Only $75 for a 30cm x 40 cm print (+ postage) other sizes are of course available.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The images on this post are just a sample; please do search my website and Facebook page for alternatives.

(Please note a few images are not available due to lost hard-drives when I fled my house in Syria)

Have a browse and drop me a line and I will forward a detailed price list.

My Website



Thank you for your continued support.


24 thoughts on “Middle East Print Sale

    1. Oh crap really? Its first time I have uploaded more than one image-
      Am guessing this is a browser issue as its showing well enough for me, there is no link just embeded images-which are just below the price. I will look into why this is not showing-meanwhile all the images are on my website.
      Thanks Micheal for pointing it out.

      1. No John. I am back in Qatar sitting in a couple cafe drinking Turkish coffee! I have a decent data package on my phone but nothing is showing between the price and the javascript notice. That’s it I presume!!! Javascript!!!

  1. Your photos are amazing John, and I am busily distracting myself from Ottoman textualities and writing my index by searching through trying to decide which one to buy. I was scrolling around looking at your photos and found your gallery – are the rabbits in this photo the (in)famous fortune telling rabbits of Istanbul? http://wreford.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Prints/G0000dwDBfaDkclE/I0000jQCtVZZdkO4 Back in the early 1990s we considered it a fabulous day out to hop over to the European side on our day off, have some su boregi and find the fortune telling rabbits – we knew how to live!

    1. I would think the Suffolk countryside the perfect antidote to Ottoman textualities 🙂
      It seems Istanbul has changed a great deal since then although some of its best qualities endure, yes they are the fortune telling rabbits, I noticed on my web page I have two shots, the guy you mentioned with the local Beladiya signs in the background but also the guy on the Galata Bridge with images of fishes behind him, so it seems I must have thing for them, in both cases I love the quirky nature that the city constantly surprises me with.
      Hope all is well down on the farm and the weather just now is not too bad.

      1. I didn’t notice the one with the fishes before, but I love that one too. I love Istanbul so much, if my life hadn’t taken a swerve to include shepherding and beekeeping I would definitely have moved back there.

        I think maybe Ottoman textualities are the perfect antidote to the Suffolk countryside 🙂

    1. Thank you.
      Yes the graffiti shot says something we can associate with although funnily enough I was with the guys when they made it, I spent the night running around Cairo with them spraying the walls, we asked a few people if they understood it and it turned out not as many Egyptians knew the story of Pinocchio. Also I like that shot in particular as its not obvious its Cairo and can be any Middle Eastern city.

  2. Yes! Couldn’t agree more. I “dropped” the camera for 10+ years, fearing I was just walking around the planet with a camera stuck to my forehead. Shoveling images into a shoebox or the virtual equivalent. I am terrible about printing and displaying images, but that’s the way to do it, and that’s when the power of photography really shines through.

  3. Saymon

    Hello friend, how are you?

    I really like your blog,
    I would be grateful if you authorize me to disclose the link of your blog on my site, I would like to spread the blogs of our followers and the people who view our photos, but I need your authorization, this will help in the dissemination and flow Of your blog’s views.

    If you have no interest, you have no problems.

    I will only disclose the link of your site, I will not republish any image.

    A big hug, stay with God !!

    1. Thank you for showing interest in promoting my blog but honestly I am not really sure how my images fit with the general tone of your blog, to be honest cute boys in Speedos is somehow a little unsettling. Good luck and thank you again for your interest

  4. pittoresca

    Hi John! Thank you for stopping by on my blog.
    Such amazing photographs – it must have been so impressive to live in Damascus for so long.
    Best wishes, Eliane

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