2 thoughts on “WRE_0415

  1. I can make out the ?bus/train? Platform sign—Sofia University—but what does Sa. Kliment Okhrid stand for? Guessing Ca. Might be an abbreviation of Station. Is Kliment a transliteration if Clement? (Lots of guessing going on over here!) will Google Clement Okhrid and see what I come up with.

    Catchy image, by the way. At first I thought the man was sitting in front of a mirrored window building and it was reflecting the building facing the man. Took seeing the sign to recognize the context.

    1. Wait! I found it. Saint Clement Ohrid—as Wikipedia spelled it. Patron Saint of Bulgaria/Macedonia. Worked on creation of Cyrillic alphabet. I’m now feeling clever for managing all this without leaving my comfy spot on the couch!

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