Death Is Not The End

Death is not the end.


Melancholia on a hill, a village given back to nature. The village offers nothing, the young would rather scrawl swastikas on the walls of smoggy cities in a country where only the white are welcome.


Forlorn and soon to be forgotten, only the earth is fertile.

Words and pictures from a village in Bulgaria, the fastest shrinking country in the world.

Abandoned houses, farms and villages dot the beautiful Bulgarian countryside. Village life no longer offers opportunity it seems except for the fool hardy and forgotten and perhaps those intrepid enough to bring it back to life.

My exhibition Syrians Unknown is still on display at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford should anyone be passing – previous blog post : Syrians Unknown

In breaking social media news my Instagram page is undergoing something of a renovation, for now it will devoted to street photography from Istanbul where I should also be offering workshops and tours of the seedier backstreets. Just glance to your right hand side to see the link along with my Twitter feed.

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17 thoughts on “Death Is Not The End

  1. That’s sad. My daughter and son-in-law had a holiday in Bulgaria a while back and came back with ideas of how cheap it would be to buy a house there and he could teach… they had also thought of going to Singapore and remote Scottish islands, but ended up in Margate! I woner how viable Bulgaria would have been.

    1. Margate sounds lovely-
      Do they not have some regeneration projects going on there?
      Bulgaria is indeed very cheap-cheap as you will find anywhere in Europe, not without its challenges but many expats are hard at it. Beautiful country.

      1. Yes they do, with the Turner Contemporary Gallery being a draw. There is a real mix of rundown and being restored and the old town is full of interesting little shops and eating places. The train link to London is excellent for day trippers and commuters which is what my son-in-law does, but hoping to teach in Margate eventually. My daughter works in Margate with the NHS.

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