Wreford recommends is a quirky list of tips and tricks from Wreford on the road.

If I was looked after I am more than happy to pass on a recommendation, good service seems sometimes hard to find so when we do find it then lets pass on the insight. I often get mail asking for tips or suggestions so here are some brief notes-will top up as often I can.

Cappadocia: A Quick Guide

Where to Stay:

Garden Cave hotel is as cute as cave with cushions, chipped into the side of the hill its cheap, clean and cheerful, great breakfast and the hosts Anna and Harun are lovely.


Get up early and watch balloons float past from the terrace, its right in the center of Goreme within walking distance from the open-air museum.

Garden Cave on Instagram

How to get there:

You can fly to Nevsehir or Keyseri then either take a bus or get Anna at the Garden Cave to arrange a shuttle for you.

I usually travel by bus in Turkey and prefer Kamil Koç

who have a great service that links most cities. Check the on-line time table for info and pop into any office, they provide a shuttle to the Otogar.

Things to Do:


Mysterious Nature Cappadocia Turkey

Horse Riding in Cappadocia

Oh you really do have to ride horses in Cappadocia, its known as the Land of Beautiful Horses and its really the best way to explore.

Without doubt the two best stables are the Dalton Brothers Ranch and Lucky Horse Ranch The horses are well looked after the grooms know what they are doing, they are new-age cowboys with a passion for the environment.

Things NOT to do:

DO NOT RENT ATVs. These are the curse of Cappadocia. It’s a beautiful landscape so please do not fuck it up.


Where to Eat:

The oddly named Top Deck in Goreme is highly recommended, super friendly with real food, only open for dinner from around 6pm check their FB page for reservation details  Topdeck Untitled-1

You can find lots more images of Cappadocia on my website:

Wreford in Cappadocia

Siwa: A Quick Guide 

Where to Stay:

Siwa is an Oasis, Fahmi’s Garden is an Oasis within an Oasis. A simple reed hut in a garden of date palms, a few chickens and goats, a pond surrounded by flowers, and the hospitality of Fahmi, one of the nicest hosts you are likely to meet. Simple and wonderful. You may well want to stay here a little longer than you planned.


Fahmi’s Garden on Airbnb

Where to Eat:

Well Siwa is not blessed with a thousand options when it comes to eating, the only place to eat is Abdo’s, it does though have great food and a cool place to hang out and meet both locals and likeminded vagabonds, its easy to find as its slap in the center of town, it’s a small town.


Getting Around:

You can hire rickety bicycles but the potholed lanes will do everlasting damage to your cute little arse-at least it did mine. Four-wheel desert safaris are on offer everywhere and some are not great value so do your research. A brilliant option that can reach many of the out of the way sites is to rent a Tuc-Tuc, call Abdul Rahman or ask Fahmi to arrange it, he can also set you up with a home cooked meal to eat at sunset in the desert. Forget bikes, go by Tuc-Tuc.


Tuc Tuc Tours on FB

Getting to Siwa from Cairo or Alexandria:

Direct buses run from Cairo to Siwa every other day or so, lots of info online seems very out of date so check at the Turgoman bus station, it’s only about a 12 hour journey.

Buses direct from Cairo to Masah Matruh run more frequently and from there you can pick up a mini bus to Siwa, its bouncy and will stop once for tea and to reconnect any joints that have disconnected along the way. Another cool option would be the train to or from Alexandria then continue with the bus options above. The train is nice and they make Nescafe as its never been made before.

You can find more of my Siwa images on my website: Wreford in Siwa