A Bit About John Wreford

A photographer on the loose around the Middle East.

The posts regarding Damascus are mostly from my diary and was unable to post while in Syria where I lived for ten years.

All the images on this blog are mine, please don’t just steal them, it bothers me.

Clicking the image below will direct you to my website where you will see more of my work and the bio page that will grass up more of my chequered past.




209 thoughts on “A Bit About John Wreford

  1. Interesting photos and narrative… so sad to see the wonderful area being systematically destroyed. Wish I could continue exploring along the N. African coastline, the magnificent Roman ruins, other historical sites. Cheers

  2. Thanks for liking (and so, most probably, reading) my writing on my sis’ passing. I appreciate it much since only another person online ever liked it in fourteen months. Thanks dearly whoever you are ❤ ✨

  3. Hi,
    I found a link to this blog on Cheryl Bolens article about Jane Digby and of course it fascinated me – I live in Amman, having strong ties to Istanbul, too. So now I came to check out some of your wonderful pictures – I definitely cannot compete but maybe I can still learn some …

  4. Maja Pesic

    I love your blog. One can find out a lot about the Middle East and also about you! I am happily spending my free time at work reading the experiences you have gone through, thus ‘travelling’ through the areas that you have visited, through your eyes.
    Thank you for beautiful photos and words. 💕💕

  5. Hello Sir. Thank you for your recent visit on my blog and for liking my post. It’s great that you did since I discovered your amazing blog. I love your pictures! 🙂

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