Moving Beyond​ Boundaries: ​Interview with Photographer John Wreford — the depth of now

When I first took on this intentional journey of self discovery through writing and travel, I had no idea that I would meet and make friends with others who are on a similar journey of self discovery. I feel that it’s a gift to share in other people’s stories and gain insight from their experience […]

via Moving Beyond​ Boundaries: ​Interview with Photographer John Wreford — the depth of now

I’m not a violent man, but I punched him in the face.

It was one of those biting cold Damascus winter mornings, it had been snowing and the streets were sluiced in slush, I had been living in Mohajarin on the slopes of Jebal Qasioun, I splashed in and out of the dirty puddles as I trudged down the towards the Citadel and the Old city, I…

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Istanbul Photographer John Wreford

Istanbul and Turkey Bloggers I am currently updating my stock image files, should you wish to use any of my images feel free to drop me a line, am happy for you to feature my pictures in return for a credit and link. Check out latest images on the link below:

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John Wreford our man in Damascus

Originally posted on Oxford School of Photography:
John is a great friend who is trying to stay living in Damascus, as a photographer he finds it difficult to take his camera out at the moment, arrest and or death seem to great a penalty to pay. His occasional musings in words rather than pictures must…

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Photographers and Social Media

In the interest of a little blog interaction I would love for those of you photographers reading this to tell me your thoughts on how you are using social media and for what direct purpose. I like most have a Facebook account, Twitter and a LinkedIn profile, I use them all alongside my website and…

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Proud Men On A Kurdish Mountain

Like lords of the manor the old men surveyed the landscape stretched out beyond, down in the valley the lights of Dohuk starting to flicker in the fading light of dusk, the mountains of Kurdistan scene of sanctuary and sacrifice, proud men, we are friends on the mountain.

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Uncertain times for Istanbul’s Christians during Turkey’s ‘modernisation’ drive

Recent work with writer Stephen Starr for the Irish Times

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